Job Search

GET A JOB! Someone’s told you already. If you think it is time, you had better be prepared. Below is a list of tips and job search engines.

Go online, read the newspaper, and look at labor department webistes to see where you stand in terms of the requirements for the sorts of jobs that you want to get. By assesing yourself early, you are leaving yourself plenty of time to gain that extra certification, take that extra class, or brush up on some skills before you take the plunge into the workplace or go on to do extra study at a college or trade school.

These are some places where you can start looking for this information

If you are looking for job postings on the internet, the following links are good places to start. Don’t get discouraged if the job postings that you like are asking for skills, or requirements that you don’t posses yet. There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you really want it and put in the time and effort to get it.

If you have Itunes, you can check out this recent podcast from the Culinary Institute of America on the subject of food jobs. It really gives a lot of good information for students thinking about getting a culinary degree and the sheer number of jobs that are available.

General Job Search
Simply Hired
Monster Job Search
Craigs List-Use good judgement when browsing this site. It is largely unmoderated, but it is a valuable job search (it is where I found the job listing for my current position!)
Tweet My Job – Take advantage of twitter in a new way. This website will send you “to the second” updates about job listings that match your criteria.

Culinary Related Job Search:

I Hire Chefs

Note: Please do not give out any of your personal information to any of these websites without first checking with your parent or guardian. Even though these websites have been reviewed and deemed legitimate, it is possible that some of the job posts are attempts to collect personal information. Talk with your parents and teachers before you attempt to apply for any of these jobs.

The internet is a great tool, it is also a dangerous one if not used correctly. I do not want to see any of you get into any sort of trouble by using the internet inproperly. Safe Surfing!

Once you have the job, do your best to keep it! Here are some tips on standing out at your new job. Some may seem common sense, but others are some things that you may take for granted.

The Worst Things to Say at Work

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