Midterm Practical

By this time we have covered a lot of information! Some of you will have grasped the concepts easily while some of your heads will be spinning from the dizzying amount of information thrown at you. Don’t panic. Your mid term practical will only test skills that you have practiced in class.

Take time to go over the handouts that you were given in class. Practice one or two times at home or come in after class to practice. Do not come into class unprepared and expect to skate through. This test is not difficult if you have been giving 100 percent in class, but it does require focus.

Time: 2 hours

Each student will prepare the following items:

Knife cuts (see rubric from day 1 handout)
1 Cup Sauce Hollandaise (Week 6 Sauces and Week 7 Breakfast)
1 portion Pan Roasted or Poached Chicken Breast (Week 6 Sauces)

You will be given 15 minutes to Mise en Place.

Knife cuts will be presented on a full size sheet pan lined with parchment, separated by category, with your name on it.

Once you are finished with your knife cuts, you have the rest of time to complete your chicken breast with accompanying hollandaise sauce.

Take your time and make it count!

Chicken and Sauce will be presented on a plate of your choice.


Knife Cuts will be graded on the following standards: (review your rubric so you know exactly what I am looking for)

Size of cuts – Are they the proper measurements
Uniformity of cuts – Are all of the knife cuts consistent. (Most important)
Yield – Are you giving me my money’s worth?

Sauce Hollandaise will be graded on the following standards:

Viscosity – Consistency should be Nappe
Color – Pale yellow
Luster – Should have a noticeable sheen
Opacity – Completely opaque
Texture – No visible lumps. If you notice lumps, STRAIN IT!
Taste – Most important. The sauce should be seasoned with salt and pepper. It should have a slight hint of lemon, and just enough cayenne pepper to be noticed in the back of the throat. Season well, but do not go overboard.

Chicken breast:

Proper Cooking method – If it is pan roasted, it should have a crispy brown skin. If it is poached, it should be a pale white. Do not over or under cook. The internal temperature of the chicken breast should be at least 165 degrees F.

Presentation- Is it sliced? Are the slices uniform? Are they the proper size? Is the sauce presented on the chicken in a way that is appealing to the eye?

Taste and Texture – Is it tender and juicy or tough and dry? SEASONING is key here.

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