Dessert Practical Exam

Your final exam for the pastry portion of your instruction will test the skills that you have learned over the course of the module. Bread, pies and tarts, dessert sauces, and plating will be included on the test. In addition to your practical exam, you will have a 20 question written examination at the completion of the practical. You will have two hours to complete the following sequence of tasks:

1. Scale, Mix, Knead, and Round 1 recipe of basic white bread dough.

2. Scale, Mix, and Roll out, and bake 1 recipe of sweet tart dough into 2 tart pans

3. Reproduce a sample of chocolate piping created by the instructor

4. Prepare a dessert sauce (creme anglaise, fruit coulis, caramel sauce, etc), one cup of creme chantilly, and plate 1 portion of cheesecake that will be provided.

You will be graded according to the rubric provided to you in class. You can complete these tasks in any order, however it is imperative that you go over the recipes and develop a plan in order to execute all of the assigned tasks within the alloted time.

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