About the course

Important First Day Handouts

Culinary Arts
Instructor: Chef Matijevich
Instructor Email:smatijevich@guhsd.net
Course Dates: Section A: Monday-Thursday 1:50-3:44pm (Pds 6+7)
Section B: Tuesday-Wednesday 4:00-6:30pm

Course Description
This course will provide an introduction to culinary arts and the foodservice industry. Employment possibilities include waitress/waiter, cook and cooks helper. Instruction covers the following areas: food service industry, sanitation and safety; tools and equipment; basic principles of food preparation and cooking; portion control; service and presentation. Students use equipment which includes stoves, ovens, broiler, mixer, and other commercial kitchen equipment and tools. Approximately 180 hours of instruction are required for completion of this course.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
• Identify basic kitchen utensils and equipment associated with the culinary profession, as well as all measuring devices.
• Identify common ingredients used in the kitchen and various outlets including the bakeshop
• Apply all sanitary rules and codes in regard to cleaning of small utensils and heavy equipment.
• Demonstrate basic classical knife cuts including:
 Allumette
 Julienne
 Battonet
 Small, Medium, Large Dice
 Paysanne
 Lozenge
 Tourne
 Brunoise
 Tomato Concasse
 Chiffonade
• Describe the method of preparation for all major stocks.
• Describe the method of preparation for the Mother Sauces and various derivatives of each.
• Describe the method of preparation for clear soups, puree and cream soups, and specialty soups.
• Explain the methods of preparation for grains, legumes, and potatoes
• Explain all basics in regard to heat application as to:
 Roasting
 Sautéing
 Pan Frying
 Braising
 Simmering
 Deep Frying
 Submerge Poaching
 Shallow Poaching
 Baking
 Broiling
 Grilling
 Steaming
 Blanching
 Parboiling
• Calculate basic culinary math.
• Define the steps of the baking process
• Define the steps in yeast dough production
• Demonstrate the production of custards and gelatin based desserts
• Explain the different components of a plated dessert
• Participate and function in a group atmosphere.
• Demonstrate adult and professional manner during all classes, both laboratory and lecture.


Your overall grade will be weighted as follows:

Participation 20%
Tests/Quizzes 35%
Group Projects 25%
Final Portfolio 20%

Letter Grade Percentage
A 93-100%
A- 90-92%
B+ 87-89%
B 83-86%
B- 80-82%
C+ 77-79%
C 73-76%
C- 70-72%
D+ 67-69%
D 60-66%
F 0-59%

Your Reading Material
This course does not use a traditional textbook. Instead, you will be reading from different websites and be given packets of articles for reading every week.

Course Outline
Below is an outline of the content in each unit of the course. All of these units will be covered and required for successful completion; however the order of the units may change.
Introduction to Foodservice
Safety and Sanitation
Pork + Lamb
Intro to baking
Plated Desserts
American Cuisines
World Cuisines

Dress Code

Due to the nature of the work that we will be doing in class, it is important to dress appropriately for safety. The following dress code will be strictly enforced:

Chef Jacket (purchased from the school or checked out)
Apron (purchased from the school or checked out)
Long pants
Chef Pants are optional, but highly recommended
Non slip, closed toed shoes
Hair that is longer than 4” will to be secured behind the head

You will be given a one week grace period to acquire these items. After that, you will not be permitted to participate in class until you are able to comply.

The following will not be permitted:
Fingernails that extend beyond the fingertip
Jewelry of any kind
Makeup of any kind
Excessive perfumes or colognes
Open toed shoes or shoes with heels longer than 2”

Instruction will be given the first week of class as to proper wear of the culinary uniform.

Course Policies

Classroom Rules

1. This is a class in which you will learn the fundamentals of a profession. As such, I expect you to conduct yourself like a professional at all times.
2. No eating in class at any time. Sanitary tasting will be permitted during labs. Drinks with a lid will be permitted.
3. Cell phones are not permitted in class at any time.
4. Do not throw ANYTHING in the classroom.
5. Treat every person in the classroom with dignity and respect at all times.
6. The tools that we use in class are not toys. You will treat them with respect and use them only for their intended use.
7. Horseplay will result in immediate dismissal from class (and some not so kind words )
8. In addition to the classroom rules all district and school rules will be closely followed at all times.

Classroom Procedures:

Entering Class

• Students will be in proper uniform prior to entering class

• Enter class quietly

• There will be a warm-up posted on the projector screen. You need to begin this immediately

• Once you are completed with the warm up place your work in the inbox and begin your knife/piping drill

• If you are the Steward/Sous Chef for the day please check the “to do” list as soon as you come in.

Exiting Class

• Please remember that the bell does not signal your dismissal from class. The instructor is the only person who will dismiss class!

• Five minutes prior to the end of class the Steward will signal to Chef that the classroom is clean, organized, and ready to be inspected.

• Only after Chef has inspected the kitchen and given the class his “final thoughts” will the class be dismissed.

• The last person out will verify that all of the trash has been collected and put into the appropriate receptacle.

Tardy Procedure

If you have an excused tardy: enter class quietly, place the tardy slip on my desk and have a seat or join in the classroom activity.

If you are not excused: Enter the classroom quietly and sign in at the time you entered class.

• First Tardy = Written warning and deduction of 10 points from your daily grade
• Second Tardy = written warning and call home to parent/guardian
• Third Tardy = Tutorial to make up the work you missed and call home to parent/guardian + deduction of 25 points from daily grade
• Fourth Tardy = Referral and reduction of a whole letter grade (possible drop from class)

Make-up work for absences

Pleast note: No credit will be given for an unexcused absence. Attendance in this course is essential to your success. If you fail to show up, you will fail to succeed. This includes tests/quizzes

Make-up work can be found in the Course Binder

All make-up assignments must be completed by the Monday following your return to class.

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