Plated Desserts

30 Dec

In essence, a plated dessert is very simple: Main Dessert, Sauce, Garnish. The trick is to make it taste exquisite, and look irresistible. For chefs and pastry chefs, the plated dessert can be an opportunity to make the impossible appear right before your eyes. To the diner, it is an opportunity to indulge in something that they have never seen before but seems strangely familiar. For the restaurant owner, it is an opportunity to boost revenue.

Once you learn some very basic principles about pastry, it is possible to make an endless combination of plated desserts that will dazzle customers. Just keep these things in mind:

-The main dessert needs to be able to stand up as a dessert all by itself, even though you are going to add things to it.

-Unless you are working at Chuck E. Cheese or Disneyland, don’t make your dessert look like a cartoon. Your customers will be laughing at you instead of with you.

-The garnish needs to be edible and compliment the main dessert.

-Sauces should be colors that are easily found in nature. A bright blue or pink sauce will make your food look unappetizing.

-Basic geometric shapes are always a good bet.

-Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye than even numbers.

-Anything chocolate is always a hot seller.

Links to information about Plated Desserts:

StarChefs Dessert Trends
Pictures of Plated Desserts From Around the Web
Daniel NYC– You have to hunt a little bit for the dessert menu.

Videos that have good ideas for plated desserts:

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